A Tribute to Host Moms


Cooking.  Cleaning.  Driving.  Advising.  Comforting.  Cheering.  Protecting.  Host moms do a lot!  We have the deepest admiration and appreciation for all our awesome host moms who love and care for their exchange students as their own.  For all that you do, host moms, our hats are off to you!  This year, we invited students to share why their host moms are special.  Grab the Kleenex and read on. . .


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My hostmom is very special to me because she is always there for me, treats me like her own daughter and tries her best to make a wonderful time possible! I am very grateful that she let me stay with her for a whole year without even knowing me!

Vanessa from Germany
Host mom, Sarah



teen girl and host mom selfie

My host mom is really loving, caring, supportive, brave, and strong and always ready for adventures. I love her so much for everything she does for me and that's why she is the best host mom I could ever wish for !!! ❤

Henika from Slovakia
Host mom, Mel
Tomball, Texas

Anna Fong
For mother's day, I would like to give extra lovings to my host mom Terri. She is always pushing me to become a better person and will do anything to give the best experience for her kids. She is smart and strong, and therefore I am grateful to have her as my mamabear. <3 
Anna from Hong Kong

Host mom, Terri





Maria Garcia

 Thank you mom for absolutely everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate you hosting me this year and helping me through and making this the best exchange year. I love you so much!
Maria from Spain
Host mom, Tonia



Happy mothers day Danielle! You are like a second mother to me and I appreciate you so much. You changed my life in so many ways, I hope you have an amazing day because you deserve it. You are so special!;)

Laia from Spain
Host mom, Danielle




Marina Garcia

She is my best friend and always supports everything I do. She made the best year of my life possible.️

Marina from Spain
Host mom, Nicki


Alice Capasso

Melanie is loving and caring. She's always there when I need her. She listens to all my problems without complaining. I love spending time with her even though she wants to make puzzles ahaha.️
Alice from Italy

My host mom is special because she has taken care of me like my real mom. I love her with my whole heart and apreciatte everything she has done while I’ve been here (and all the chocolate she has given me :))
Maria from Spain

Host mom, Melanie




My host mum is special first of all because I honestly consider her as my mum, she have done a lot for me and always tried to help to feel comfortable. I could never be more happier of this mum
Alejandro from Spain 
Host mom, Heather
Weskan, Kansas 



She’s special because since the beginning, she has always been there for me, and she has always treated me like her own kid and for this I’m  really thankful. I appreciate her for all what she did in these 9 months and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of her family.  I love her so much, and I’m not ready to leave her. 
Agnese from Italy
Host mom, Dana







 I'll be forever grateful for having my host mom in my life! She is special because she is not just an "host-mom", we are like best friends. I can come to her with questions, problems, and concerns. Since the beginning she made me feel part of the family and one she is completely part of mine!

Giorgia from Italy
Host mom, Lisa


RaquelShe is special because she is funny, she always takes care of me, and she helps me in everything. I know that I can always count on her.  So happy mother's day to her because she is my second mom.

Raquel from Spain 
Host mom, Becky
Redmond, Oregon







As her shirt says, she is the best host mom ever, and she’s my host mom!!!  She’s so special to me because since the first moment she made me feel at home, she makes me feel loved and happy even when I’m not having a good time and sometimes I forget I cannot have two mothers but to me she’s more than that, she’s my best friend, she’s kind, thankful, hardworking and just easy to love...  It hurts to think that in a few weeks I have to leave her... I wish I could keep her close to me everyday!! I’m so thankful to have her in my life and I love her so much.
Noelia from Spain 
Host mom, Dana


Maria Gaude

She is my second mum, i love spending time with her and her positive energy. I will miss her so much!
Maria from Spain
Host mom, Katie
Eagle Creek, Oregon







Alicia Herrero Plaza

Leah is an amazing host mother, she takes care of me, we have done some amazing activities and she always makes sure I’m having fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better host mother.

Alicia from Spain
Host mom, Leah
Clio, Michigan





She is such a special person! She is the most caring, generous and sassy mother out there! She locked herself in my heart forever ❤

Nikola from Slovakia
Host mom, Alisha
Tulsa, Oklahoma







My host mom is an example for me. She is very lovely. She is the greatest person here in USA.

Jaime from Spain
Host mom, Heidi


Clara Hinze

It is so fun to hang out with Amber because we always find something to talk about. While she cooks meals with meat for everyone in the family she cooks vegetarian options for me and I am so thankful for that! Even though she is working a lot she always finds time to hang out with me and/or Abrea my host sister. Thank you Amber for being such a wonderful host mum! 

Clara from Germany
Host mom, Amber


Marie Germany

My Host mum is special to me because she became my second mother when she comforted me when I missed my home, when she made me laugh when I needed it and when she made me feel accepted and secure in a country miles away from the people I love the most. Now you are one of them.

Marie from Germany
Host mom, Kim


Cristina Sureda

My host mom is the most amazing, caring and funniest person in the world. She just makes me feel at home, we always have so much fun together, and she definitely made my experience in the United States something I would never forget. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Cristina from Spain
Host mom, Sarah
Greenfield, Indiana





My host mom is special because she is always there for me and supports me in every way and she takes care about us.

Anouk from Germany
Host mom, Shaloma
Chico, California



My host mom became so special to me in so little.  She supports me in every choice I make and she's always there for me trying to make me happy.  She's kind and always smiling and just in a couple of months she became my friend and that's the best thing I could've ever wanted.

Martina from Italy
Host mom, Stephanie
Spring Hill, Tennessee





Happy mother day moma Lish you cannot even image how much i love you and how much you mean to me, I will be grateful for ever  for what you are doing for me. You are a special person and your smile and laugh make me fell better every single day. You are a great,beautiful, strong mother and friend, I’ll be always there for you, don’t forget it. I love you to the moon and back.

Dalila from Italy
Host mom, Alisha
Owasso, Oklahoma



She's special because she can keep up with her own three kid and a teenager (me).  She's special because she likes to know more about my country and let me learn about hers.

Alessandra from Italy
Host mom, Melissa





Tara Germany

She is the best Hostmom because she is the kindest person I know and always there for me .

Tara from Germany
Host mom, Alicia


Jan CadadasI think that she is special because she gave me a good and confortable year in America. She is a good woman and I thanks her for every single thing that passed to me in my year in usa. 

Jan from Spain
Host mom, Kirsten






My mom is always so nice and kind with me, she helps me and she always wants the best for me❤

Beatrice from Italy
Host mom, Alyssa


NayadeI think she’s special because ever since i got here she’s made me feel like i can count on her, and she’s always protective of me and made me feel like family.

Nayade from Spain
Host mom, Kelly




Andrea M

My host mom has a big heart, her generosity, hospitality and friendliness made this school year abroad a wonderful experience.

Andrea from Italy
Host mom, Maria


Claudia Tico

Ginger, you are the best host mother I could’ve ever had and I am so grateful for every single thing you have done for me. I love you 

Claudia from Spain
Host mom, Ginger







I dont even know what I could say or how I could describe the way why my hostmum is so special and wonderful. The only thing I can say that she is wonderful and has a really huge heart and is not judging people easily. I really love her. ❤

Jordis from Germany
Host mom, Heather


Jana Austria

I’m so incredibly thankful to have Michelle and her beautiful family in my life. Michelle is a big role model to me in so many different ways and when you do something and Michelle is a part of it -it doesn’t matter what- you now it’ll be fun.

Jana from Austria
Host mom, Michelle




I think my host mom is special because she is a generous woman and she is devoted to her family and her job. She’s hard working and she never complains about anything but she face everything with a smile on her face. I really appreciate what she did for me during this year.

Ilaria from Italy
Host mom, Sandra
Coquille, Oregon


Daniel Pasinetti

Since I arrived here in the US you welcomed me as a son and even this year was weird, you worked hard to give me the opportunity to do a lot of things, exploring the beautiful America. Thank you so much for everythings, you are the best host mom ever for me!

Daniel from Italy
Host mom, Carolyn





My host mom Amy is one of the nicest people I know. She always helped me if I had a problem and did everything she could to make my experience here in USA the best. I will miss her a lot.

Radka from Slovakia
Host mom, Amy


Ellen Rodin

My host mom is special because she’s taking me all around America for me too see different states. She’s does everything for my exchange year to be the best year of my life.

Ellen from Sweden
Host mom, Angela







I really love spending time with her and she is really nice. She always helps me when I need and I’m sure I will miss her so much when I will have to go home.

Anja from Italy
Host mom, Julie


Douglas Tamm

She keeps up with all of us with wonderful cooking, cleaning, working and lots of love!

Douglas from Sweden
Host mom, Tammie
Hamilton, Alabama







Even though we are under the domination of COVID, she has still done a lot of things to make my experience in America as perfect as possible. She is amazing.

Jason from Hong Kong
Host mom, Brittany



I will never stop to thank you for all the things you do for me, you're amazing! I couldn't have wished for a better mum, I love you to the moon and back! 

Valeria from Italy
Host mom, Anna
Greenfield, Indiana








My host mom is special because she has accepted me into her home and made my exchange year the best it could have ever been, she has treated me like I had always been her kid since day 1 and made me feel welcomed. She is my mom across the world and I will forever thank her forever for coming into my life.️

Daniela from Spain
Host mom, Tricia


Elisa Grassini

I am so lucky because I don’t have  only one host mom, but I have two! My host moms are Gina ( on the left) and Kristina (on the right). The things I love about Gina is that she is crazy and we always have fun together, cooking or just hanging out together , meanwhile Kristina helps me whenever I need it and is always by my side. I’m so grateful to have found them and I really wish them an happy mother’s day!

Elisa from Italy
Host moms, Gina & Kristina




My host mom is special because she makes me feel like I’m a part of the family. I can talk to her about EVERYTHING, even in the middle of the night!

Leonie from Germany
Host mom, Debrielle



My host mom is the best one in the world, she always makes me smile and is the funniest mom I know! She takes care of me as if I were her own child. I am so happy that she is a part of my life and she always will be.

Maxine from Germany
Host mom, Casey





Silvia Barbero

Vicky is the kindest person I've ever meet, always trying to help everyone. A mujer fuerte that never gives up and makes her opinion count fighting for what she thinks is right. She's not just the best host mother I could ever have but an amazing person and an example to follow. 

Silvia from Spain
Host mom, Victoria


Lili Klos

My host mom is special because she is crazy just like me, but at the same time she is always there for me when I need it. She shows me as much as possible and tries to give me the best time here!

Liliana from Germay
Host mom, Beth



   AikaShe shows she cares about me. She always takes me to do fun things.

Aika from Japan
Host mom, Iramis



LenkaShe is the strongest, kindest and most caring US mom we could have ever asked for. We love her to the moon and back. 

Eileen from Germany
Lenka from Czech Republic
Host mom, Carleta






Aida is special because she is a very hardworking and kind woman. I am very happy to have found a person like her, and even though she is not my real mother she always makes sure that i am okay and she truly cares about my well-being.

Sofia from Italy
Host mom, Aida




She is special because she is my mom and my best friend in one person I can always talk to her and know that she will understand me. Happy mothersday ❤

Lola from Germany
Host mom, Gina




Zoe Massironi

I like my host mom because I feel that I can talk about whatever I want with her and feel understood. I really enjoy when we spend time just us two and talk and laugh. I wish we could spend more time together. I will miss spending time with her when I will be back in Italy.

Zoe from Italy
Host mom, Michaela

 Andrea Uda

I think my host mom is special because, even if sometimes we argue, she always forgives me.

Andrea from Italy
Host mom, Patty







Claudia Romero

She’s so special, since the first day she treated me as a own daughter, she makes me feel at home. I am so lucky to can have 2 moms.️

Claudia from Spain
Host mom, Kristy

Jana Germany

My host mom is special because she reminds me of me own mom. She is also really supportive.

Jana from Germany
Host mom, Mandy




Claudia Rebollar

She is special because she is caring, loving, and funny. She is hard-working and always has a smile on her face, she is the best host mum that I could ever ask. 
Claudia from Spain 
Host mom, Lori



Thank you for what you did and do for us. We love you and we will miss you a lot ❤
Silvana from Italy & Emilia from Spain

Host mom, Jamie





Mia Griesche

I think she is special because she was not just my host mom but also my coach for cheerleading. She always tried to understand my point of view and my problems! I am very thankful!
Mia from Germany 
Host mom, Angie


Giulia Orsi

My host mum is amazing, we have a really good relationship and she is like a sister for me. We tell everything to each other and we always makes me happy!!!

Giulia from Italy
Host mom, Dani





Pablo Estébanez González

My mother is special to me because she has helped me every single moment here, making my experience better and easier.
Pablo from Spain 
Host mom, Rita



My host mom is the best mom I could’ve ever asked for. She’s so kind and treats me like her own daughter. It doesn’t matter if we go on a trip or do stuff I’m always a family member and get treated like a daughter. I appreciate everything she does. She teached me so many lessons without me even knowing and I’m so thankful for that.

Chiara from Germany
Host mom, Kristi




Happy Mothers Day

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