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Have you ever wondered why families invite a foreign teen to live with them for 5-10 months?  And why many families do it over...

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If you’ve ever been the new kid at school, you can probably recall those first few days: Not knowing which teacher was the...

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By ICES On May 6, 2022

Host Moms are the Best!

Moms everywhere work hard to care for their families while providing love and encouragement.  Host moms take that to another...

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When I stepped off the train in Germany and met my host family for the first time, my German vocabulary was limited to the...

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Every exchange student knows the feeling of anticipation while waiting for a host family, and the excitement and nervousness of...

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ICES is very proud to introduce our February Student of the Month, Matilde Eleonori from Piacenza, Italy. “Mati” lives with the...

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When I decided to travel to Muscat, Oman at age 15 or spend my senior year of high school in southern Germany, I never paused to...

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Cassandra Ross and her husband were expecting to host Kim, a lovely exchange student from Germany when… the unexpected happened....

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