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By Kari Owens On November 24, 2021

Pictures of Gratitude

In preparation for Thanksgiving, we launched a photo contest in which we asked our students and host families to share...

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Tags: Host Families, Host an exchange student, Student Experience,

Have you ever wondered what it's like for an exchange student to arrive in the U.S.?  What cultural differences stand out to...

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Tags: Student Experience

Cassidy and Chris Miller have just said good-bye to Jose from Barcelona. He is one more international son that has lived with...

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Tags: Host Families, Host an exchange student, Reasons to host,

For our exchange students, spring is the time to reflect back on their exchange: the experiences, adventures, and life...

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By ICES On May 7, 2021

A Tribute to Host Moms

Cooking.  Cleaning.  Driving.  Advising.  Comforting.  Cheering.  Protecting.  Host moms do a lot!  We have the deepest...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Youth Exchange, Host mom,

What better way to start their year in the U.S. than by traveling from coast to coast! After discussing the idea with both...

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