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Do you want your host family to adore you? Then this post is for you!

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, American values, Gratitude in the USA

In honor of Exchange Student #7 joining our family, I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down Memory Lane. . . I'm...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Host mom, Reasons to host,

Jill Bonin was a mom with a mission: connect her son and daughter – adopted from Korea – with their homeland in meaningful ways

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Homeland Tour Korea,

Cassandra Ross and her husband were expecting to host Kim, a lovely exchange student from Germany when… the unexpected...

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Youth Exchange,

For our exchange students, spring is the time to reflect back on their exchange: the experiences, adventures, and life...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Study Abroad, videocontest,

By ICES On May 7, 2021

A Tribute to Host Moms

Cooking.  Cleaning.  Driving.  Advising.  Comforting.  Cheering.  Protecting.  Host moms do a lot!  We have the deepest...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Youth Exchange, Host mom,

Are you a fan of all things Italian? You might love to host a student from Italy, but read this first!

Every year hundreds of...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, cultural understanding

Around the world gift-giving traditions vary on special occasions of all kinds. Who gives gifts to whom? When? How should a...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Culture Shock, gift-giving europe

ICES is pleased to announce that Cailin Valtink has been selected as the ICES Student of the Month for December. Cailin is...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Student of the Month

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