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Around the world gift-giving traditions vary on special occasions of all kinds. Who gives gifts to whom? When? How should a...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Culture Shock, gift-giving europe

ICES is pleased to announce that Cailin Valtink has been selected as the ICES Student of the Month for December. Cailin is...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Student of the Month

It all began as an experiment: what would German exchange students like to make or bake for their American host families?

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, International Cooking

2020 has been different from any other year we can remember. From toilet paper shortages to murder hornets to COVID-19 and...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Student Support, Quarantine Tips

From my ICES lookout post in Europe, I’m scanning the news: what’s happening with student exchange? Is anyone going to don a...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Host an exchange student

Sometimes love is found in the most unexpected places. We at ICES hear about students and host families’ wonderful,...

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student,

The 18-year old me spent the summer listening to Spanish lessons on vinyl records, obsessively checking the mailbox for news...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Study Abroad,

If you’re the mom of seven kids and your husband travels for work, what do you do? Host an exchange student, of course! While...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Youth Exchange,

I love to ask foreigners what they think of Americans. But how can we get them to tell us what they’re really thinking? Here...

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