Share the USA with Your Exchange Student - a Monthly Guide

All across the country, teens from around the world are diving into their exchange with the goal of learning about American culture by living it. Here’s a month-by-month guide to get started sharing life in the USA with your student!



 Cheer on the school’s football team together at the next home game. This can be a fun way to dress in school colors, make signs, and root for your school’s team. If your exchange student isn’t familiar with American football, this is a great chance to explain the game to them!

cheerleader with football team behind



 Visit a pumpkin patch with your exchange student to get into the fall spirit! Pumpkin patches are a special place to enjoy being outdoors, admire the changing colors of the leaves, and get pumped for Halloween. Be sure to snap a few cute pictures of your exchange student to send home. 

two teen girls sitting on hay bales with pumpkins



 Thanksgiving time! Teach your exchange student a bit about why we celebrate Thanksgiving. You can even make a traditional Thanksgiving dish together. Sweet potato casserole or apple pie are usually fun ones!

 teen boy pointing at fresh baked apple pie



Be on the lookout for any fun Christmas events going on in your area. If you’d rather do something closer to home, you can make a gingerbread house with your exchange student or take a drive around the neighborhood to view all the Christmas lights.  

teen and mom ringing Salvation Army bells



 Celebrate New Year’s Day with your exchange student by setting New Year’s resolutions together. Explain to your exchange student what a resolution is and try to think of one that you can do together. A few ideas of New Year’s resolutions that you can do with your exchange student include: doing something active every day, learning a new skill or hobby, or being more eco-friendly. 

family around candlelit table



 African American History Month is a great opportunity to teach your exchange student about the history of race relations in the U.S. Your exchange student may learn about some of this history in school, but a great way to supplement this learning is by checking out a relevant museum or discussing important eras in history such as the Civil Rights Movement.

civil rights march



 Though not widely known or celebrated, March is National Women’s History Month. Take some time to have a conversation with your exchange student about the role women have played in shaping America’s history and present day. To start, you could even discuss the following– what role has women played in your life and your exchange student’s life? 

young woman with flag around shoulders



 Spring is a great time to check out a local botanical garden or public park in your area. Get outdoors with your exchange student and take in the natural beauty around you. You might even want to pack a picnic and some outdoor games to make a day of it.  

women in front of flower garden



 Though it has become commonplace to celebrate Memorial Day by taking a long weekend trip somewhere or BBQing with friends, take some time to also commemorate the lives lost defending the nation. Ask your exchange student about if they have a similar holiday in their home country and how it is celebrated there. 

teen boys and dad grilling



 School’s out and it’s time for exchange students to return home. Celebrate the year by going on a fun adventure somewhere new with your exchange student. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the lake, beach, or mountains, or a day trip somewhere out of your everyday life, enjoy making some last memories before your student goes home. 

teen and young child on bridge over waterfall


Are there any fun activities that we’re missing? Leave a comment below! 


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