Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: The Magic of Host Moms


As Mother’s Day draws near, let’s take a moment to honor the remarkable host moms who extend boundless love and support to teens worldwide. To all our host moms, Happy Mother’s Day! Your tireless efforts in cooking, cleaning, providing rides, dispensing advice, and, most importantly, showering your teen from another land with unwavering affection do not go unnoticed.

And it’s not just us who recognize your incredible contributions; these teens themselves have plenty to say about the special bond they share with their host moms. Here, in their own heartfelt words, discover what makes their host mom truly extraordinary.






























































As we celebrate Mother’s Day and reflect on the invaluable role of host moms, let us carry forward this spirit of appreciation and gratitude beyond this special occasion. To all the host moms out there, your selflessness and dedication create lasting memories and transformative experiences for teens from diverse corners of the globe. Your love knows no bounds, and for that, we extend our sincerest thanks. Happy Mother’s Day!




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