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Kari Owens

Picture of Kari Owens
Kari is the National Training Director for International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES). She’s passionate about youth exchange and has experienced it from every angle. In high school, she spent an academic year in Rancagua, Chile as an exchange student, and has since been a host mom to more than a dozen exchange students. She and her husband also supported both of their daughters during their exchange years to Germany and Ecuador. Currently, Kari spends her days providing training to ICES field staff to equip them to provide outstanding support to students and host families throughout the U.S.

Recent Posts

By Kari Owens On December 10, 2021

November Student of the Month

Leonie Laffitte has been selected as the ICES Student of the Month for November. Leonie is from Castres, France and is living...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Student of the Month, Study Abroad

By Kari Owens On December 3, 2021

Hangin' Loose in Hawaii

ICES staff members spend their days providing exchange students with the valuable opportunity to learn, experience, and enjoy...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Local Coordinator, Travel for free

By Kari Owens On November 24, 2021

Pictures of Gratitude

In preparation for Thanksgiving, we launched a photo contest in which we asked our students and host families to share...

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Tags: Host Families, Host an exchange student, Student Experience,

A few weeks ago, we shared our students' first impressions of life in the U.S.  Now we'll give our host families a turn to...

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Tags: Host an exchange student, Reasons to host

Have you ever wondered what it's like for an exchange student to arrive in the U.S.?  What cultural differences stand out to...

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Tags: Student Experience

Thinking about hosting an exchange student?  Or just curious about how it all works?  We've rounded up our most commonly asked...

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Tags: Host an exchange student

ICES is proud to introduce the Student of the Month for May, Chihok Gauy. Chihok is from Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is living...

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Tags: Student of the Month

Ivona Vanekova has been selected as the ICES Student of the Month for April. Ivona is from Prievidza, Slovakia and is living...

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Tags: Exchange Student, Student of the Month, Youth Exchange

Jaime Barea Velez has been named the ICES Student of the Month for March. Jaime is from Seville, Spain and is living with the...

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