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Kari Owens

Picture of Kari Owens
Kari is the National Training Director for International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES). She’s passionate about youth exchange and has experienced it from every angle. In high school, she spent an academic year in Rancagua, Chile as an exchange student, and has since been a host mom to more than a dozen exchange students. She and her husband also supported both of their daughters during their exchange years to Germany and Ecuador. Currently, Kari spends her days providing training to ICES field staff to equip them to provide outstanding support to students and host families throughout the U.S.

Recent Posts

Spring is almost here, and the end of the school year is within view. Here are some fun ideas for sharing spring with your ...

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student

Everyone wants their life to count for something. But can one person really make a difference?


The answer is yes.  Absolutely....

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Christmas is a time of festive decorations, scrumptious treats, family traditions—and gifts! A major part of the holiday season, ...

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While most 16-year olds were shopping for school supplies, Shelby Balmer was packing her bags and boarding a flight to Oslo,...

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If you love a good story, we’ve got it.

If you love to learn, we can help.

If you’re curious about other perspectives, step right...

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“Have you tried cow’s tongue?”


This question came up as a group of friends was asking me about which typical Chilean foods I’d...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Youth Exchange,

Have you ever wondered why families invite a foreign teen to live with them for 5-10 months?  And why many families do it over...

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Tags: Host Families, Youth Exchange, Host an exchange student,

Arrival day is almost here! Of all the exciting parts of hosting an exchange student, this might be my favorite. I love that...

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Many families think that hosting an exchange student requires taking them on big trips to famous places. And while most students...

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