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Kari Owens

Picture of Kari Owens
Kari is the National Training Director for International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES). She’s passionate about youth exchange and has experienced it from every angle. In high school, she spent an academic year in Rancagua, Chile as an exchange student, and has since been a host mom to more than a dozen exchange students. She and her husband also supported both of their daughters during their exchange years to Germany and Ecuador. Currently, Kari spends her days providing training to ICES field staff to equip them to provide outstanding support to students and host families throughout the U.S.

Recent Posts

Are you an exchange student embarking on a thrilling adventure in a foreign land? One of the most enriching experiences of your...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Making Friends

By Kari Owens On August 29, 2023

Who Can Be a Host Family?

As we near the end of August, you may notice an abundance of posts and ads seeking host families for exchange students. Sound...

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Host an exchange student

Hey there, curious minds! Have you ever wondered how you, yes YOU, can play a role in international diplomacy without leaving the...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Host an exchange student, Citizen Diplomacy

Hosting an exchange student can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but there are often misconceptions that prevent people...

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Tags: Host Families, Youth Exchange, Host an exchange student,

Are you a homeschool parent looking for fun and unique ways to enhance your kids' learning?

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Tags: Host Families, Host an exchange student, Homeschooling

As we plow through summer with a new school year just around the corner, ICES staff are working tirelessly to secure a host...

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Tags: Welcome Family, Host Families

Although many exchange students have grand aspirations of being placed in bustling cities like New York or Los Angeles, it's...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Youth Exchange, Host an exchange student,

What do you get when 125 coordinators from across the country join two dozen international agents from around the world? It’s the...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Youth Exchange, cultural understanding,

Spring is almost here, and the end of the school year is within view. Here are some fun ideas for sharing spring with your ...

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student

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