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While most 16-year olds were shopping for school supplies, Shelby Balmer was packing her bags and boarding a flight to Oslo,...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Study Abroad

Your exchange student has arrived – finally! And it’s so much fun to host until…Wham! Culture shock hits. And your sweet student...

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As summer winds down and school starts back up, you might also be getting excited for all things fall. Whether it’s watching the...

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Tags: Exchange Student, Holidays, cultural immersion

If you love a good story, we’ve got it.

If you love to learn, we can help.

If you’re curious about other perspectives, step right...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange

“Have you tried cow’s tongue?”


This question came up as a group of friends was asking me about which typical Chilean foods I’d...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Youth Exchange,

All across the country, teens from around the world are diving into their exchange with the goal of learning about American...

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Host an exchange student,

Everyone knows that deciding to study abroad in high school is a big decision. However, what some people don’t realize is that...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Study Abroad, Youth Exchange

Have you ever wondered why families invite a foreign teen to live with them for 5-10 months?  And why many families do it over...

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Tags: Host Families, Youth Exchange, Host an exchange student,

Arrival day is almost here! Of all the exciting parts of hosting an exchange student, this might be my favorite. I love that...

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