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Is it difficult to host an exchange student on a gluten-free diet

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Tags: Host Families, Host an exchange student, Gluten-Free

Hosting an exchange student transforms Christmas into an international event. What could be more fun than sharing your...

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Tags: Exchange Student, Holidays, Host an exchange student,

By Kari Owens On December 10, 2021

November Student of the Month

Leonie Laffitte has been selected as the ICES Student of the Month for November. Leonie is from Castres, France and is living...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Student of the Month, Study Abroad

By Kari Owens On December 3, 2021

Hangin' Loose in Hawaii

ICES staff members spend their days providing exchange students with the valuable opportunity to learn, experience, and enjoy...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Local Coordinator, Travel for free

By Kari Owens On November 24, 2021

Pictures of Gratitude

In preparation for Thanksgiving, we launched a photo contest in which we asked our students and host families to share...

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Tags: Host Families, Host an exchange student, Student Experience,

 A few years ago, the Browns' first exchange student literally stormed out of their home, leaving them heartbroken....

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange

A few weeks ago, we shared our students' first impressions of life in the U.S.  Now we'll give our host families a turn to...

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Tags: Host an exchange student, Reasons to host

Do you want your host family to adore you? Then this post is for you!

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, American values, Gratitude in the USA

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