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Empathy can make or break your family dynamics. Boosting empathy improves relationships, communication, teamwork, kindness,...

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For many teens around the world, the dream of studying abroad in the United States marks the beginning of a life-changing...

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Tags: Exchange Student, Youth Exchange, Student Screening

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience that profoundly impacts your perspective on life, culture, and the rest of the...

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As the days grow longer and the weather warms, many people around the world embark on the annual tradition of spring cleaning....

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Tags: cultural understanding, Spring Cleaning

Getting to know your exchange student before their arrival can help make the adjustment period as smooth as possible. ...

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My year abroad in Spain was supposed to be the big adventure of my life. After that, I planned to settle down in my comfort zone:...

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I am going to describe to you one basic day in my life as an American student. I hope you will enjoy it!

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student, Student Experience

Hosting an exchange student can be an enriching experience for both the student and the host family. It's a chance to open your...

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Tags: Host Families, Exchange Student, Youth Exchange

Selecting your new exchange student is an enjoyable and exhilarating process! As you explore the options, take a moment to...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, cultural understanding, Asian Culture

Hosting an exchange student is more than just providing room and board; it's a journey of mutual enrichment, understanding, and...

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Tags: Host Families, Cultural Exchange, Exchange Student,

Adapting to a new culture is a complex process. It can be exciting, but also overwhelming and intimidating at times. How you can...

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Tags: Cultural Exchange, cultural understanding, cultural immersion

When the cold winds blow and snow falls from the sky, comfort foods are just the recipe for those cozy days inside. Most...

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Tags: International Cooking, cultural understanding, Recipes

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